Higgins Nederlands Vita Seed® brand is now Higgins Vita Seed® natural with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients. Vita Seed® is now free of artificial colors! Vita Seed is also free of artificial preservatives and flavors and enriched with DHA and balanced Omega-3 fatty acids to support the immune system as well as encapsulated pro-biotics for a healthier digestive tract. Vita Seed® blends premium seeds with dried fruits, vegetables and nuts for added variety and nutrition to your pet’s diet. Vita Seed® also contains Higgins inTune® Natural extruded morsels for added nutrition. Vita Seed® is available in shelf-sized, stand-up, resealable packaging as well as resealable, barrier bulk bags.


Vita Seed Cali Blend Vita Seed Parrot Vita Seed Conure & Lovebird Vita Seed Cockatiel Vita Seed Parakeet Vita Seed Finch Vita Seed Canary

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