As part of its commitment to promoting responsible companion pet parenting, Higgins supports various organizations, bird hobbyist clubs and animal rescues nationwide. Some of these include the following:

RARE SPECIES CONSERVATORY FOUNDATION - Higgins is a proud sponsor of the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (“RSCF”) in their many conservation efforts including the Imperial Amazon Parrot in the Eastern Caribbean. RSCF designs sustainable recovery, reintroduction and protection programs for endangered species in the wild, and works collaboratively with governments and other conservation/research organizations to restore target species and protect critical habitats. For more information and to see how you can help, please visit

NATIONAL BIRD SHOW – Higgins is the Official Sponsor of the annual National Bird Show (“NBS”) since 2001. The NBS (a nonprofit organization) is the nationally recognized, annual competition and exhibition of some of the best companion bird breeds in the U.S. and Canada.  For more information on either exhibiting or attending the show, please visit   

AMERICAN FEDERATION OF AVICULTURE – Higgins is a sponsor and supporter of the American Federation of Aviculture (“AFA”).  The mission and purpose of AFA is to promote the advancement of Aviculture through educational programs that support the advancement and improvement of breeding practices, husbandry practices, and living conditions for exotic birds, conservation, research and legislative awareness.  For more information, including becoming a member or sponsor, please visit

PIJAC – Higgins is a longtime member of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (“PIJAC”). PIJAC’s mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, foster environmental stewardship and ensure the availability of pets.  PIJAC is also a pioneer in developing educational programs for pet owners, the pet industry, related industries, and governmental organizations that address these issues.  For more information, please visit

myBird – Higgins is one of the founding members of the Bird Education and Awareness Koalition. BEAK was established to bring awareness and promote birds as wonderful companions.  In 2016, BEAK established the myBird campaign, dedicated to sharing the joys and benefits of birds as pets and educating on responsible bird care.  For more information on how you can help or learn more about myBird, please visit or on Facebook at